Food Based Vitamins

Many nutrition experts believe that food based multi-vitamins are much better for your body than synthetic vitamins. Vitamins happen to be very important organic molecules needed by the body. but the sad fact is that we cannot make them or have a very difficult time making them ourselves. We actually rely on foods stocked with vitamins to make up for our body’s need of these essential nutrients. We need a very steady supply of vitamins and other minerals so that our bodies can work as they are supposed too. Everybody agrees on the fact therefore doctors, scientists and good companies are focused on creating vitamins in labs and keep on fortifying our food supplies with them. However there is one big problem, synthetic vitamins are actually not what our bodies need.

Our bodies need food based vitamins and this is exactly what we give you here. These are vitamins combined with powdered whole foods. We basically break down vegetables, fruits and other food ingredients and add vitamins into them and then formulate that mixture into capsules.

The benefits of using whole food based vitamins rather than synthetic vitamins are immense. You have less chances of stomach upset and no dreadful side effects. Since we combine the vitamins with real food, they are absorbed better by the body and do not cause any sort of gastric distress. In fact the kind of multivitamins we make are safe to be taken on an empty stomach as well.