Antioxidants play an important role in maintaining your physical health. The significance of antioxidants can be judged by the fact that they may help in preventing the cancer, heart diseases and also protect one’s body against free radicals and their harmful effects!


EPA/DHA omega-3 fish oil is rich in two omega-3 fatty acids that are good for maintaining proper cardiovascular health. The main benefit is that these two fatty acids help in lowering the bad blood cholesterol (LDL) level.Not only this, the fatty acids are also beneficial for maintaining brain health, supporting normal blood pressure level and thus maintaining proper blood flow level.


Our bodies need food based vitamins and this is exactly what we give you here. These are vitamins combined with powdered whole foods. We basically break down vegetables, fruits and other food ingredients and add vitamins then formulate that mixture into capsules.



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    Angie Wilson

    I recently started taking all three products from Natural Vitality Solutions.  I love the products!  And I definitely feel they are improving my overall health.

    Angie Wilson
    Customer Service Representative

    Mary Lynda Richter

    I have been taking these vitamins for several months.  The vitamins I used to take upset my stomach and caused cramping because they were chemical based.  These vitamins do not upset my stomach and I experience no cramping because they are food based.  I also have more energy and my skin seems to look better since I started taking these vitamins.

    Mary Lynda Richter

    Dr. Christopher

    I have been with Medicines for more than 5 years now. I am very much satisfied with their products. Every product is a contributor and their work speaks for the effort that goes into every product.

    Dr. Christopher
    Dean of Medicine

    Martha M. Master

    We have been with Natural Vitality Solutions for more than 3 years now. We are satisfied with these guys. Every member of the team is a contributor and their work speaks for the effort that goes into every product.

    Martha M. Master

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